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Hello, I’m still here! A lot has gone on since my last post in August, I have exhibited at the All about Dogs Show in Norfolk (pictures below) and I have reciently become engaged! You can imagine I have had to lock my self in my studio away from wedding magazines and everything else that was wedding related to get all my commissions done!

I have been a little behind of late but everything is on track with Christmas orders already on the books. I did mention below that I will be going to New York in December which gives me even less time to complete those Christmas commissions, even if you are only thinking about it at the moment please register your interest with me. Its awful when I get to the point in December when I have so many enquiries and I can only provide gift vouchers for the New Year.

So I have a mountain of images here on my Mac that need to be added to the site, Benji & Oliver, Paris & Guiness, Coco, Barny, Fluff, (loving that name) Lou Lou, Tristram and Merlin to name just but a few! I need to write some more content, add a page for framing, a page for vouchers and add all my Christmas logos. Ok I will hold off on the latter till October at the earliest.












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