Cat Portraits

I know, I know it has been a LONG time since I have updated my Blog! In fact almost a Month, eeeeeeek. to be truthfully honest I am incredibly busy with Portraits, I have one to drop off this evening and another to drop of at the weekend let alone the small pile of pictures I have mounting in the corner of my studio! Its all good though, unlike most artists I appear to have a very small attention span so I like to have lots on the ‘go’ at once so I can switch between Portraits during the day. This how ever means I have about 4 half finished Portraits in front of me that really should be sent out soon (frowns).

I have currently been commissioned to draw¬†4 Cats and 5 dogs, no not all in one Portrait that would be epic and yes I will upload lots of pictures as soon as I have 5 minutes to do so, I can’t wait to get some more Cat Portraits on my website it does need an update.

I can happily say that my Competiton winner has received her Portrait which I had framed for her and is very pleased (I know I would be).

Keep and eye out for a Photo update over the weekend :)

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